Welcome Parents

I built this site to provide recognition for the best work of my second and third grade students.

I introduce haiku when our phonics curriculum teaches about syllables.  Since haiku is used as a means to this end, we strictly adhere to the 5-7-5 structure.

Haiku writing is used to trigger higher-order thinking throughout the curriculum.   For example:  As each history story is finished, students meet in small groups to review the material and decide what moments, personalities, or places were important enough or interesting enough to deserve to be put into a haiku.

We do the same with other curriculum areas.  The contents of our Haiku Gallery are organized by school subject.

Initially, our students are satisfied just to achieve the right number of syllables.  As the year progresses, and they are exposed to numerous examples of classical haiku, their sensitivity to the potential of haiku is reflected in better work.

So stay tuned.  Visit us throughout the year, and watch us grow!

Welcome Teachers

If you are a teacher, we will give you an ID and password so you can add your students' work to The Haiku Gallery.  It's easy to do, and is an exciting motivator for many elementary school students, transforming their self-image into "internationally published authors".

In a private area of the website, you can also share your ideas for teaching haiku, for using a haiku unit to teach general writing principles, and for taking full advantage of the Gallery.  The brevity of haiku makes for efficient teaching of principles that apply to all forms of English communication. 

My own students are excited by the recognition from me when I select one of their poems for inclusion; and they are elated about calling far-away relatives to invite them to go online to see their recently published poems.

Register to be a member of the site.  Then send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request teacher privileges.  Indicate your school, the grade you teach, and the number of students. 


Information for Teachers

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Saturday December 16, 2017
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